Back rehabilitation

At the very forefront of the new approach to lower back pain is exercise. Exercise can play a significant role in both the prevention and management of back pain. Because lower back pain is so prevalent, we are very often encounter clients with this condition.

As an exercise professionals, optimum physique trainers  are ideally
suited to working with clients using exercise to manage their
back pain and regain and improve functional movement.

Although rest is still sometimes required, recent evidence has
challenged this traditional approach. It shows that prolonged bed rest
can be harmful and that back pain can be considered in part as a
functional change that requires functional management.

A specific exercise treatment approach appears more effective than
other commonly prescribed conservative treatment programmes. In this
approach the client’s role changes from being a passive recipient of
treatment to being an active participant in reducing their pain and restoring function.

Our job is to develop a balanced rehabilitation programme based upon the patient's specific diagnosis and appropriate to fit to his/her fitness and pain level.

We will design a rehabilitation programme that suits you as an individual, has a variety of exercises and progressively challenges your entire  body .