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When our motivation for exercise is simply to lose weight, we may not have the healthiest goals in mind. Most of us simply have a new outfit that we want to fit into or a social... Read More


One of our goals is to help all our clients improve their back strength and core stability. Using exercise programmes specifically tailored for each individual helps to integrate...Read More


Unlike other muscle building programs, our training sessions  focus on building lean muscle while losing body fat. We do this primarily through the selection of resistance exercise...Read More


At the very forefront of the new approach to lower back pain is exercise. Exercise can play a significant role in both the prevention and management of back pain. Because lower back pain...Read More


If you are a recreational athlete you do not need to be less competitive than a professional athlete. You deserve the best personalised training, available...Read More


Post-Rehab Personal Training is specific and directed towards the clients functional imbalances and muscular weaknesses that can sometimes remain after surgery, physical therapy or chiropractic...Read More

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