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Sports conditioning & performance improvement

If you are a recreational athlete you do not need to be less competitive than a professional athlete. You deserve the best personalized training, available from OPTIMUM PHYSIQUE. We will help you enhance all your fitness components and develop the necessary skills you need to achieve the best results in the sport you love.

Sports Conditioning is the use of resistance training and endurance conditioning required by athletes performing at recreational or elite level to enhance and facilitate performance. This sports specific fitness can include a structured developmental programme that includes muscular endurance, strength, power, speed and aerobic or anaerobic conditioning, specific to your discipline. It has been shown that the transference of work carried out in the Strength and Conditioning Room into the sport is high, producing better performance and reducing the incidence of injury.

Without question, there are dozens of books aimed at those seeking better physical conditioning. Unfortunately, most of these books are based on body building principles, where the primary objective is muscle growth. Body building does not include functional components like muscle coordination, movement efficiency, accuracy or skill - often disregarding the functional aspects of training.

To achieve the best results when training for your discipline you need to follow programmes scientifically designed to improve the body function specific to your sport. As a part of planning your training programme we will observe your technique during game situations. By identifying specific movement patterns in your performance we will design an exercise programme which will improve your movement efficiency and enhance body energy systems specific to your discipline.
Our desire is to produce the most efficient athlete possible, so we also place great emphasis on prehabilitation procedures in order to stop problems before they happen. An integrated and progressive sport specific training programme that properly addresses structural and muscular imbalances will make the body as resistant as possible to the inevitable knocks, strains and sprains that occur during training and sports events.

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