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Anne Rowland

Kasia is the best personal trainer I have ever had. She tailors the workouts to what you need in my case to avoid injuries and improve my strength to play better tennis which has really worked and a bonus is improved muscle definition with stronger abs and glutes. She makes every work out varied so it’s never boring and you always feel you learn something and are challenged. The studio is great too large and bright with all the best equipment.

Andy Gimblett

Peter's a great personal trainer. I've had a number of sessions with him over the last few years and I can testify to his keen eye and understanding of what's going on with my body and where I need to work. He's great fun to work with, and can be relied on to push me just beyond where I think I can go, which really worked for me. The gym is brilliantly equipped, and just generally a pleasant spacious environment in which to work. Highly recommended

Willie Botterill

I have been training once a week for an hour for the last five years. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and wanted to build and maintain my physical fitness. There is no doubt I am fitter and stronger and more flexible than I was and managing to keep the worst affects of PD at bay. Most people are not aware that I have PD and I put this largely down to Peter's skill in working on my core strength, posture, balance and co-ordination. My husband comes too and Peter manages to keep us both interested and on our toes by varying the tasks and equipment.


Benjamin Parkes

Optimum Physique is a place of excellence. The expertise, knowledge and standard of attention is superb. The staff here highly valuable, specifically Peter, who is friendly and totally committed to help you meet your goals. Peter helped me to overcome debilitating back pain. His intervention was simple, serious and appropriate. I highly recommend Optimum Physique. Superb.

Markéta Vymětalová

I have trained with Peter for years and I loved every single session. He helped me recover from my long term back issue - when I started I was in a lot of pain. Peter helped me become much stronger and gain confidence in my ability to use my back efficiently again. His expertise and understanding of the body is incredible, he’s got a real passion for the subject and is very generous, kind and able to motivate people extremely well. I really appreciated his person- centred approach and focus on what I needed on the specific day, I always felt very safe and supported. I have never met a better trainer. Thank you Peter 🙏.

David Botterill

I have been training  with Peter for an hour each week for the past 5 years at his efficient  and comfortable gym in Westbourne. With his guidance and skill I have substantially increased my core strength and flexibility allowing me to participate in the sporting activities that I so enjoy. We often concentrate on exercises specifically for skiing, fishing and golf and his help and enthusiasm are instrumental in the enjoyment of my retirement.

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