LMH Massage Therapy 



Lauren Hunt 


Being a passionate health and fitness enthusiast I have always considered rest and recovery just as important as the training itself. LMH Massage Therapy has the aim of examining the body as a whole and not just the area of pain to ensure that all possible areas of irritation are treated effectively. The goal is to restore range of motion, improve quality to muscle and getting you back to optimal performance! Currently, I am a trainee chiropractor and have been self employed as a sports massage therapist since 2016. I am able to provide a wide variety of neuromuscular techniques to treat skeletal muscle immobility, restrictions and tension. Sports massage offers not only physiological benefits but psychological ones too, proving to be an effective method for reducing anxiety and increasing perception of recovery.

In addition, I am fully qualified as a pregnancy massage therapist, bringing physical and psychological benefits for Mother’s to be! Post natal rehabilitation programmes are also available, which include: - Full body assessment/examination - Rehabilitation programme suited for your individual needs - Direction and education session to run through your individualised rehabilitation programme.


Here at LMH Massage Therapy the following methods of manual therapy are used to ensure optimal function and mobility:

- Deep tissue massage

- Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

- Mobilisation -

Traction -

Active Release Therapy