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Gail Bennett

I started my Massage career in my home land of Australia. I originally qualified in 1997 with Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. 

But have never finished learning and continue studying and learning new techniques. 

My first job was working in a physical therapy centre in Australia. 

I then set off to travel the World, working on 5 star cruise ships in the spa's, there I met my future husband to be, who bought me to Sunny Bournemouth. 

Again I worked back in Physical therapy centre and holistic centres. I quickly built a great clientele, so it was time to go out on my own. I've worked in Westbourne for 10 years.

I feel Massage is what I was born to do, it feels very natural to me and my passion and dedication shines through. 

I genuinely want to help people. I use many forms of massage, depending on individual needs. 

I use traditional Swedish, mostly trigger point therapy, myofascia release and acunputure for muscular pain. I work holistically allowing clients to unwind and relax into their treatment to get the full benefits. 

I look forward to meeting you in my therapy room. 



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