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Hypertrophy (muscles building)

Unlike other muscle building programs, our training sessions  focus on building lean muscle while losing body fat. We do this primarily through the selection of resistance exercises and training methods we have developed overtime, enhancing your hormones production and  optimising your nutrition.

You will learn about the importance of building muscles, losing fat and proper nutrition, plus gain the skills and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals.

We will start from discussing your previous workout history, what did and what didn't  work for you in the past, and what we can do differently to get your results. We will assess your physical strengths and weaknesses, so we can build a program designed specifically for your body.

We also offer sessions designed for those looking to improve strength gains or increase muscle mass from injury or surgery. A carefully structured programme accommodates the volume of training required to reach your individual goals while acknowledging the need for recovery within your training regime.

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