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Core stability and back strengthening

One of our goals is to help all our clients improve their back strength and core stability. Using exercise programmes specifically tailored for each individual helps to integrate all the elements of their body's physiology.

The exercises we use to improve the core and back muscles of our clients start off very gently. If the exercises are initially too challenging, it is easy to "overshoot" and recruit the non-stabiliser muscles to achieve the movement.
It is not only important to do the movements correctly (to prevent injury) but also to ensure that the core muscles are challenged to increase their strength and endurance.

Back pain is also a common complaint amongst performance athletes. Not because their core muscles are weaker than the average person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, rather their core muscles are weak relative to the demands of their sports, which generate significant loads on their spine and require vigorous dynamic movements of their trunk.

One common mistake is to adopt intense core stability exercises designed for athletes to prevent back pain. These are usually inappropriate for the average back pain sufferer as the exercises are typically too advanced and potentially damaging.

Once the back and deep abdominal muscles reach sufficient strength and endurance, we apply harder core conditioning exercises to continue their development, challenging the deep core muscles to the next level of fitness for dynamic stability and movement efficiency.

At this stage, our clients who suffer from back pain notice a significant reduction in recurring back pain both in intensity and frequency. With their improved fitness, they will be able take up a more active lifestyle.

The most important point is that all our back and core exercise programmes include balanced, controlled and progressive strengthening exercises that challenge the body isometrically and dynamically.

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