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Fat loss & body toning

When our motivation for exercise is simply to lose weight, we may not have the healthiest goals in mind. Most of us simply have a new outfit that we want to fit into or a social event that we want to look good for. But along the way, as we exercise and lose those few pounds, we are also creating a healthier body.

In any successful weight loss training programme, there is an exercise component. The plans that work the best will include both a weight training routine and a cardio element. From cardio-vascular exercises you will benefit by burning fat from all parts of the body, while the resistance training in my weight loss programme will boost your metabolism which is the key to weight loss.

majority of the training sessions we offer for body fat loss and toning involve a variety of functional exercises, targeting whole muscular chains instead of applying bodybuilding style isolated muscle training. One of our priorities is to challenge you with a number of progressive exercises with different movement patterns and types of muscular contraction which produce better results and faster progress by preventing your neuromuscular system from settling into a specific routine.

As everyone is well aware, diet also plays a very important role in weight loss. Throughout our time together, we will offer nutritional advice and try to address your diet and nutritional habits through the use of a Food Diary. The Food Diary is used to record your eating patterns for the week and will help me identify areas where you may be able to improve.

Our aim is to improve your lifestyle and eating habits by creating an exercise routine that will make you more feel more inspired and motivated to achieve your goals.

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