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Introducing myself as a highly qualified and passionate personal trainer with 20 years of industry experience. 

In 2005  I founded Optimum-Physique in London, where I provided a personal training service to clients. After several years of success, I set up my own personal training studio in Bournemouth in 2012, where I continue to help clients achieve their fitness goals.


My academic credentials include a Master's degree in Sport Science and a Personal Trainer Diploma with Future Fit. I have gained invaluable experience at some of the top fitness clubs in the industry, including Esporta, Cannons, Virgin Active Clubs, and The Hurlingham Club - the exclusive members' club. Through my work, I have also gained experience working closely with physiotherapists and chiropractors, which has allowed me to develop deep knowledge training clients with injuries and muscular imbalances. 


As an athlete for several years competing at national level, I bring a unique perspective to personal training. 


To stay at the forefront of the ever-changing world of fitness and exercise, I continuously undertake case studies and professional development courses. This ensures that I can provide my clients with the latest and most effective techniques and training methods. By combining my Sports Science knowledge with my Personal Training experience, I offer unique programme solutions using a variety of exercise techniques and training methods. 


The extent of my technical and scientific knowledge is apparent in my style and approach, encompassing both dietary and fitness perspectives. My capability to utilise the scientific foundation of training within an engaging and dynamic framework results in sessions that are both enjoyable and effective.

Qualifications and professional development:

  • Master of Sport Science ( MSc)

  • Personal Trainer Diploma (Future Fit Training)

  • University of East London: Case Study in Personal Training & Advanced Instruction

  • Nutrition & Weight Management (Future Fit Training)

  • Scientific Back Training (Paul Chek Institute)

  • Lower Back Rehabilitation Course (Sports Dimensions Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation)

  • Building the Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to Performance (Stuart McGill, PhD)

  • Torso Training & Core Stability (Future Fit Training)

  • Stability Ball Training: Levels 1 & 2 (Kathryn Cullen BSc)

  • Effortless Injury Free Running Course (Chi Running with Mc Kiernan)

  • Boxercise Instructor

  • Circuit Training (Future Fit Training)

  • Swimming Trainer Diploma

  • Skiing Instructor

  • Classical Massage Diploma

  • First Aid (International Lifesaver)

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